Bloggers: No blog required


Here lies a twenty somethings view of the world we live in, using this blog as a personal monologue with which I can voice my opinions, on things that I think matter. I am constantly, directly and indirectly told by society, friends, family, even tinder matches – who I should be! To be honest I noticed this influx of unsolicited opinion over time start to dull my shine, dampen my voice and I suppose this blog aims to counter act that.

Weirdly enough I once thought to be a blogger you had to actually compose some form of content, in the form of a piece of reading, a review or article maybe? I’ve recently concluded you in fact don’t – and that’s fine. Blogging has clearly evolved to the term social media influence-er, I may be generalising here but within the Irish blogger scope in particular I think this has become the case.

Anyway what I’m getting at here is blogging is less and less about writing or reading, and I don’t love that. I’ve always loved writing and get great enjoyment out of reading opinion pieces and editorials, and I’m aware the opinions and insights of myself are a lot less sexy than an in-depth tutorial on how to count your macros or do your eyeliner but I’m a-okay with that. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there!


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