A Valentines Special : 5 Types of Friend you’ll need to be at some stage in your life.

On this, the eve of Galentines (Single Gals Valentines), I’ve decided to write a post dedicated to the best women in my life – My Gals. I’ve been blessed with phenomenal women in my life and I’ve come to learn that one of the most important and valuable assets you’ll ever have are your friends, pick them well and hang onto them as long as you can.

It takes that realisation of just how lucky you are to have these fantastic people in your life for you to realise what kind of friend you are yourself, after all everybody tells you about the type of friends you should have but nobody tells you about the type of friend you should be. I suppose as much as you need certain traits in a friend, they too need it in you, so the following are the types of friend you’ll usually find yourself being at some stage or another throughout your life.

  1. The Shoulder
    It could be a break up or maybe just what feels like a never-ending Monday but something is not right and you know it. It’s been a whole 6 hours since she’s tagged you in a meme or sent you a snapchat of her nostrils with the letters C and L either side of the gaping holes. Something is wrong and 9 times out of 10 you also know the root and solution to this problem too. It’s times like this when you sit and listen to the same story 15 times, you let them cry on your freshly blow dried hair, you drag yourself out of bed to go and have a night of wine and bitching and you do it all with no motives other than to be the shoulder.200
  2. Your Biggest Fan
    Nobody knows your full potential like your best friend does, they see the 2.0 version of you, the you that you’re sometimes afraid to be. I often think if other people could see you the way your best friends do none of us would be left in Singleville at all! Anyway this being said there are times you’ll need to be your best friends biggest fan, main motivator and constant optimist all in one. Encouraging her through the big hurdles and the everyday tribulations, from being the first like on her insta selfie through to the late nights up fixing her CV, you’re her number 1 fan and she’s yours too!tynblp58cpx9ejyh72m81
  3. The Realist
    It’s often tough to see things within our own narrow frame of mind and usually nobody can see things as clearly as your best friends can.
    There are times when you will need to sit your best friend down and say things like;
    – “No I don’t think that girl he’s texting while you’re in bed beside him is ‘Just his friend’.”
    Other times you’ll need to point out just how shitty an ex was to help them move on:
    – “Let’s make a list of reasons why he’s a dick head…. No.1 He supports Trump.”
    Often you’ll need to give them a bit of a bollocking and say things like;
    – “You really cannot be doing Ket in Coppers on a Tuesday”
    Maybe a touch too far but you get my drift, it’s a lot harder to see these things from the inside and giving some perspective from the outside in is often needed.1rsvp
  4. The Wing-Woman
    This term usually gets thrown about on the dating scene, many a time have you been dragged to Coppers because your best friend is 100% certain the guy she’s currently fawning over is indeed THE ONE. Yep, its applicable in this sense but sometimes you’ll need to be the wing woman for more than just a night on the town where your bestie is out for her rock and roll. Sometimes you’ll need to be the wing woman for whimsical adventures or last-minute plans. The wing woman for a 12 week boot camp in artistic dance or a trip to the tattoo parlour. Sometimes you’ll realise that being the wing woman to your friends mid-life crisis or everyday antics serves as so much more than just being there for her, you also get to enjoy being along for the ride just as much.raw
  5. The Bitch
    There comes a time in every friendship when you have to be the bitch, the bitch in the most loving sense possible. You’ve been the shoulder, the wingwoman, you’ve even tried to be the realist but all has failed and it’s time for a little tough love. By now the subject is open and on the table, you’ve given all the advice you can muster and you’re at a point where if your advice isn’t being listened to there’s not much you can do other than the tough love method.
    Now being the bitch can come in many forms, tough love has no single shape, you’ve seen your friend go through it all and while you don’t always know whats best for her you’re pretty sure it isn’t the destructive path she’s currently on. It can be hard being the bitch, even from the most loving place, you and her both know that you only want the best for her but at the same time nobody want’s to hear they’re being an idiot. So hang in there, be blunt, be real, at the end of the day you’d want her to do the same for you, she’ll see sense sooner or later, and even if she never does, you’ll still be there for her at the end of it all.honestbitch

There’s a lot to be said for being the independent woman who don’t need no man but it’s unlikely you’ll ever be the independent woman who don’t need no best friend. I for one know I’ll always need these spectacular gals. You know when you’ve been all of these things to your best friend you’re officially their person, and that, well that’s a friendship made to last.


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