A Global Comparative Study of Brunch..

So over the last number of weeks I have traveled far and wide for brunch, now I know brunch is no new phenomenon, we’ve all become well acquainted occupying a solid 10% of our weekend with excessively long grazing periods of a meal which takes ownership from neither breakfast nor lunch.

When the whole brunch bandwagon began I lived in Dubai, so while brunch in Dublin meant going to sit in Sophies eating pretty pancakes, drinking overpriced Bloody Mary’s  and pottering on to other things at about 3 once you were sure you had the insta snap, it meant something veeeery different in Dubai.

Brunch in Dubai meant being at a bar at midday ready to consume as much food and alcohol as you could humanly manage, the deal was you’d pay between €40 – €100 quid for a solid 5 hours worth of unlimited food and drink. Even at the higher end of the scale it was quite a good trade by any Irish persons standard, and when I say unlimited I mean like literally unlimited (see example A). If ever you find yourself in Dubai brunch is an absolute must, I’ve listed some of my favourites below if you want to check them out.


Brunch in Dubai went one of either two ways, either you were home in bed by 6PM or you rolled in the door at 6AM the following day, I never knew another option, in Dubai  – the land of excess, everybody at brunch generally ends up on the same wave length so you generally say Dubaibai to the rest of the weekend but it’s so worth it.

Example A – Standard Brunch Table Dubai

Best Brunch Spots in Dubai 

  • Double Decker Brunch – Ok imagine Coppers, now imagine Coppers with a huge beer garden, now imagine Coppers with a huge beer garden in the 30 degree heat, now imagine being in Coppers huge beer garden in the 30 degree heat and drinking all day for 40 quid! DD is the cheap and cheerful and general very messy brunch of Dubai, thus the Coppers comparison.
  • Candy Pants Brunch – Get your Instagrams at the ready, Candy Pants is an Insta lovers dream, it’s a stunning venue and comes equipped with props and fishbowls and all the trimmings. Usually packed to the brim with cabin crew and other expats it’s a good vibe and middle of the range price wise.
  • Saffron at Atlantis –  Saffron is the ‘creme de le creme’ of brunches. At the higher end of the price range but 100% worth it, it’s in the atlantis and it’s GORGE! Expect to drink from alcohol infused watermelon’s, rum filled coconuts for the day and be treated to the most fab selection of food and treats. Always an experience and definitely where to go if you’re only doing one brunch in Dubai.

Anyway, moving on from Yelp Dubai, imagine my disappointment when I return home to Dublin and take up the first offer of brunch with the girls on some Saturday afternoon only to find we’re going for a nice civilised affair that rivals afternoon tea at the Shelbourne. UGH!


The days of boozy brunches we’re over and the millennials of Dublin had no idea what they were missing, I put brunch to the back of my mind and tried to move on with a life of ordinary breakfast lunch hybrids drenched in hollandaise sauce.

Then one day I ended up in New York, the middle ground of brunches if you will, I can’t begin to tell you my excitement when the gals introduced me to New Yorks very own boozy brunch culture! Horaaaay for bottomless mimosas (mostly between a 2-3 hour window, constrained but I’ll take it, unless you’re in Brooklyn where the mimosa’s flow all day for a fantastic 20 quid!) The following weekend I was over in London and low and behold the girls bring me to… You guessed it –  Boozy bottomless brunch!


Everywhere I went there were bottomless brunches, except for Dublin. Of all things this seemed like the type of thing Irish people could get behind, although while sitting amongst a table of 12 Irish people at brunch in New York one of the lads pointed out ‘Irish people would take the piss with a brunch like this’, before anyone could argue we realised we were the only people, very drunk people, left drinking in the restaurant while the staff looked on patiently waiting to kick us out and get the table ready for dinner diners.

Anyway I come home from my trips to find that apparently I just wasn’t looking hard enough and Dublin has entered into the holy land of decent brunches!!!! HORAAAAY! Now I am yet to try all of which, but I can tell you the below venues and what they are offering.

  • Cleaver East – The for founding father of boozy brunches in Dublin, apparently CE has been boozy brunching for like aaaggggeeees, Jesus Ruth keep up.
  • Fade St – One of my faves now does bottomless mimosas for just 12 quid, over a 2/3 hour window but I mean I could put away 12 quids worth of mimosas in that time, and then some am I right! *smug face*
  • Exchequer – For 15 euro a head you can compliment your brunch with bottomless Prosecco between 12 and 4 on a Saturday.
  • Beef & Lobster – I’ve never been here but if you plan on dragging a boyfriend to brunch this could be the perfect compromise, the steak and seafood joint looks like the happy medium with bottomless bellini’s for €16.

I will keep my eyes peeled for more of which I am sure there are many, you may think this post a little extreme however one can’t really judge a boozy brunch until one has truly experienced brunch at it’s best and while boozy brunch may seem to be about the cheap deals it’s more about the buzz and atmosphere and the fact that you’re essentially day drinking like a sophisticated grown up!


Enjoy 🙂

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