Fuckgirls.. Fact or Fiction?

Is there such a thing as fuckgirls? I mean is there? Is there really? Can we really ever be as departed and detached as the male embodiment of a Fuckboy? Ever the feminist I really would love to believe there is some backing behind this and we, the female race, could possibly compete on some level with the Fuckboy counter parts, but even I have my doubts.

As a side note I love the term Fuckboy, I think it gives us gals so much to hang things on as well as being a well overdue male equivalent derogatory term, and in addition to that this whole post is obviously tongue in cheek and not in any way serious, kinda. This whole question of the fuckgirl concept came about recently when one of the girls began displaying typical fuckboy traits to a guy she was seeing, we couldn’t call her a fuckboy but would the term fuckgirl do? Is this even a term?

See we’ve become so tuned into the deliverables of a Fuckboy that we automatically diagnose associated behaviour as Fuckboying and I’ve mentioned them once or twice before if you wanna refresh yourself you’ll find them here & here.

So to uncover if there is such a thing as a Fuckgirl I think it’s important to understand the exact breakdown of what a fuckboy actually is, cause as a whole we’re probably using it wrong. You can use that little infographic for the overall outline (I do enjoy making an ol Infographic)

C'mere Till I Tell You - Fuckboy Infographic
Understanding a Fuckboy – C’mere Till I Tell You

I know guys in particular think that girls automatically label anyone who may have ended the relationship first as a Fuckboy and the usage of it is often contorted with a scorned woman association, – yaaahlllrright calm down ya still a fuckboy pet. 

Up till recently I would have painted anyone who displayed the typical “just in it for sex” as a Fuckboy, you know the type, no interest in an actual substance or a relationship, basically just out to fuck and that was that, obviously as you’d expect I had a fairly negative opinion of this kind of gentleman and held them in low regard to say the least.


That was until I encountered a ‘self described fuckboy’, basically this chap is straight up about the fact that he merely is out for sex, from the get go it’s clear he doesn’t and won’t have any interest in taking them to dinner or liking their selfies. He’s as polite as pie and a nice guy but is straight out honest about not wanting anything but sex, and that’s when I realised the term fuckboy is really only interpretation.


Like I mean if you’re going to lead a girl on, and by lead a girl on I mean go on a few dates hang around for sex and then bounce with no regard for any feelings you let her develop, then yeh you’re a fuckboy. If you do that to more than one girl at a time then yeh pal you are indeed a fuckboy.

What constitutes as leading on though? As much as I love to discredit the intelligence of these Fuckboys,generally they all have a decent awareness of allowing a gal to begin cultivating feelings etc.

If you’re playing those bizarre mind games in an overall power struggle then, yah you guessed it, you’re probably a fuckboy.

The crooks of it aren’t based in the act at all, they’re actually based in the communication of your intentions. Be transparent about the fact you just want your rock and roll and I’d presume it’ll go down a lot easier for you.


Despite all of the above, it’s fair to say that a fuckboy for the most part holds the power in the relationship, somehow you’ve wound up more into him than he is into you and that’s the main thing that makes him a fuckboy, thus leading to the ambiguity of what’s going on with you two and the overall confusion on your part.


So when the topic of a girl acting like a fuckboy came up I realised, there are definitely more occasions for a girl to fit into the fuckgirl role than we make out.

 Are we simply not capitalising on it like guys do, are we just not detached and departed enough to own it like they do?

Which then lead me to think of all the times I suppose I’ve acted like a fuckgirl, without really intending to or without possibly having a good awareness of what my motives really were. There have been times when I have held the power in a relationship and when I’ve not cared as much as he did, and probably wasn’t the most conscientious or present person in that relationship but at the same time never really gave it any thought. However every single one of those times I was slated in some shape or form, directly or indirectly, for being a tease or leading someone on or being a slut instead of just having the ‘haha fuckboy’ sticker slapped on my back, I know for a fact that has been the case for so many other gals too.


Like don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting here shocked at the disparity between men and women, nor am I raising an unearthed concept. We’re all well aware that one of the main reasons there isn’t a Fuckgirl term is because there are other terms that fill that void – slut, easy, bit of a tramp… you know the rest. So with that being said it’s easy to see why most women possibly wouldn’t even want the fuckgirl status to begin with, it’s in no way as coveted as the fuckboy status.

Even within my own group of friends the term seemed to have negative connotations. When I asked the girls if we knew any actual fuckgirls, apart from fab fictional bitches such as SATC’s Sam Jones, some of the responses were as follows:

Fuck Girl Description?
Fuck Girl Description?

This particular description, while hilarious, reiterates the fact that we modern age women still revert to the description of a fuckgirl as a slut, and essentially associate it as an insulting term.

Fuckgirl or Slut?
Fuckgirl or Slut?

See what I mean? The overall reception was along the same lines from all of the gals to be honest.

So in the interest of fairness I posed this question to my guy friends too, who had the following thoughts, which in fairness were a lot more open than I thought, I’m not saying these are the definitive male thoughts on the term but it’s good to get an idea:

Man Vs Fuckgirl #1
Yeah, starts pretty typical but keep reading..

Some couldn’t see any difference between a fuckgirl and a slut, shock, but then the responses began to open up to the thought that the two may not fall under the one definition at all.

Fuckgirl or Slut?
One subject even considered the question from an equality POV.

It became clear that there is in fact a distinction between slut and fuckgirl for guys, but is it just a hopeful ideal?

Get the tip
Do men just view fuckgirls as a no strings attached ride? Is that what they are?

All of a sudden I received one answer which without prompt basically took me right around to the fuckboy equivalent. If guys were able to see that girls are capable of fuckboy antics then surely it’s a plausible concept?

Fuckgirl #2
So essentially.. Fuckboy = Fuckgirl?

So I think it’s fair to say there most definitely are Fuckgirls and we have somewhat busted the myth on that. In an effort to answer this question I think we’ve also raised the following which probably aren’t as easy to answer. Are fuckgirls as easily defined as fuckboys? No not at all. Are we somehow going to move past using the word slut to define women who act like this? Probably not, no.

I think there are elements to a fuckgirl which, even as an annoying little feminist, are essentially negative as they equally are with fuckboys. But at a baseline I’d dare to sum up fuckgirl traits as follows:

  • Emotionally unattached to the guys she dates.
  • A little bit of a narcissist.
  • Completely capable of not giving a fuck.
  • Possibly lead busy lives.
  • Driven.

And there you have it a little insight into fuckgirls, I’m def not finished with this topic but now we know they exist I will def be revisiting the topic in future! Hope you enjoyed! x

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