Why we just can’t escape Fitspo’s..

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years you’ll have noticed the rise of the infamous Fitspo. Unlike most trends the fitness trend is one we can all definitely get behind for obvious health benefits, but like most trends, it too seems to have it’s questionable aspects.

That being said here is another brief tongue in cheek post about the Fitspo’s we love to hate, accompanied as ever by an infographic breakdown of those beautifully sculpted macro counters.

Does this Infographic fit your macros?

I’m not gonna lie here, I once posted a transformation pic on my Instagram, and you know what, it felt pretty effing good. Like there’s a lot to be said for showcasing your hard work on social media for everyone to observe that you now have the blueprints of a set of abs (ok maybe concept for blueprints, well more of a rough sketch actually) on what used to be a beanbag. So in that sense I can totally see why the fitspo trend has taken off like a rocket.

Elle Woods said it best when she said:


So like for that purpose it’s fantastic, all for it, two thumbs up, everyone loves health and fitness and being ripped to bits, but I have to admit there are elements of the Fitspo scene that grate my tits.

Like many social media influencers the fitness specific Fitspo’s have capitalised on this trend covering everything from how to scramble an egg – (like I have watched someone snap chatting how to scramble eggs, for much, much, longer than I should have) to dishing out advice like a trained life coach. They seem to have an innate obsession with marine life and frequently refer to themselves as sharks..

Give. Me. Strength……..

We get it you’re a shark and your Monday consisted of 3 gym sessions and half a poultry farm, well mine was fine too, I accidentally yellow reg’d a stranger and had a doughnut for breakfast, so yeh, I’d say I’m a shark too.

I think originally I started following Fitspo’s for actual fitness inspiration and possible motivation but when you see things like the following on your timeline you kind of get a little tempted to hit the oul unfollow button really:

“Love this new protein shake/butcher/meal prep service that I’ve literally never mentioned before and have posted about 10 times today but it’s 100% not an #ad like it’s definitely not, don’t question me about that”

Like everything else, the whole transparency of the industry is very muddled, and sometimes you kind of question why your social media feed is filled with perfectly posed photos taken from the same strategic angle, in a great particular lighting, in what is basically underwear – still it gives me a lil boost of motivation to not eat that 5th cornetto of the week, so ok fair enough.

When it stretches over to the bizarre side of things where we see Fitspo’s promoting extreme restrictive practises – such as hiding Dairy Milk bars in the toilet cistern, I get a little worried, is that something that really needs to be shown to followers, is it necessary? I also find bikini and bodybuilding competitions slightly maddening but I’m not gonna start on that because I can’t even wrap my head around them and I know it’s not something all fitspo’s do anyway.

Overall there is no escaping the fitspo’s, they’re everywhere and multiplying by the minute and truth be told I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. As much as I love to rip the piss out of it I think it’s great as a whole, I suppose I’d just like a little bit more honesty and transparency behind motives & posts etc.

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