Do you even Influence?

Does anyone even make uninfluenced decisions anymore? Do we actually do anything, buy anything, eat anywhere, wear anything, without being influenced a tiny little bit? Irish influencers are eeezverywhere, and it makes me wonder are we all just a very susceptible people or are our influencers just changing?

Have you ever added a Z to the middle of your word, or had an entire conversation in a Cork accent? Have you increased your use of name Fidelma/Fron/Philomena? Have you shortened your use of the word very to just v? Have you considered buying iWhitening teeth strips or getting your hair done in Callen&Co? Well then hun you’ve been influenced.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all influence is bad influence I mean how would I ever have known that drinking Kombucha would look after my vagina had Lindsey Hamilton not told me so? Would I have ever known that you only need to salute a magpie to ward off a day of bad luck had James Butler not done a 29 minute review on what to do when you see magpies? (Ok I might have known that one but it was still a handy reminder) Would I have known how to make protein vegan gluten free raw cookies if it wasn’t for Roz Purcell? Maybe, but probably not.


So while they offer the good they also come with a few annoying traits that we all love to moan about:

  1. “Some really big massive exciting news you’re all gonna die over…. But I can’t tell you what it is” – Just tell us about your fucking exciting project or don’t mention it at all you vague creature.
  2. HOW many attempts did it take to get that candid photo of you laughing at your foot and sweeping your hair off your face like a magnificent mermaid??? Do you have a photo crew following you around? Did you make your boyfriend take a photography course? TELL ME!
  3. Perfect 365, Facetune…. Need I say anymore?
  4. Pick a channel hun, what is the need for you to redirect your entire Instagram following over to Snapchat to find out where you got your sandals from?
  5. Is there some Influencer Visa for the USA or why are all these fabulous Irish Bloggers living in New York and having photoshoots crossing roads on a daily basis?

Again I feel influencers all have their own audience, be it fitness or fashion or travel or food or make up or whatever, there’s something for everyone, but recently I kind of realised that by following these influencers I’m probably upping the level of indirect advertising that I consume by about 80%. So that’s probably something we should be a bit more aware of, “working with, teaming up with, #ad, #spon, thanks so much to ___ for sending me this__, “ and so on and so forth are all variations of I’m being paid for this and in turn you’re being advertised to, I don’t think it’s a bad thing but it’s something to be aware of.

Anyway I’m not going to get into that cause I think the main thing to remember is that no matter how much of this content you consume nobody is actually forcing you to do any of these things, to buy anything or to go anywhere, you’re your own person and you should be conscious of why and how you’re being influenced.

Overall you can moan about these people all you want but I’m sorry to tell you that the influencer culture is here to stay. If it reaaaally bothers you like a terrible amount, I actually have this really good hack where you can just unfollow them and then it makes absolutely no difference to your life and you’ll live happily ever after, also here’s an infographic I made on them enjoy xoxoxo

Influencer 101.


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