Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve found your way to the online ramblings of a twenty something digital doll.

A bit about this blog? Here you will find a general monologue of daily observations, tales of my current third world struggles as a pun loving criminal and maybe a few tips on being a fabulous human here and there. Sometimes serious, often not.

The purpose of this blog I have to confess is largely a selfish strive to maintain accountability for my goals, successes or even failures – not particularly in association with any single aspect of my life but rather an amalgamation of the lot.

Truth be told this isn’t my first swing at a blog, nor is this blog aimed at being for everyone, but on the journey of self discovery it feels like the best way for me to do me right now.┬áSo lets hope you enjoy or benefit in some way from the tales I’ll tell – if not no worries.

Happy reading folks.